Rent the Runway Unlimited

I joined Rent the Runway’s Unlimited program this winter for a few reasons. Lately I’ve been more and more aware at how bad fast fashion is for our environment as well as my closet. It has been overflowing and then I hate that some of my fave items are cheapies that have developed holes or just look worn out. Also, I have put on some weight and pretty much refuse to buy new clothes. Since I’m transitioning the boutique to be more bridal (there still will be ready-to-wear thought, perfect for honeymoons and date nights!) there hasn’t been as many options for me.

So I decided to give RTR’s program a try. The cost of over a hundred dollars is expensive but you get to pick three designer items at a time. They come in a cool garment bag with a one time use lock. I love the selection of styles available from casual to special events. I picked this amazing multi-colored fur vest by Andrienne Landau, which retails for $1115. I loved how on-trend it is and how it can be dressed up or down. Its a true outerwear piece though as I thought the collar came up to high in the back. I wore it several times, once to a gallery opening with a LBD and a few times to work. Of course I’m obsessed that it coordinated with maroon and black jeans by BlankDenim available here. I accessorized with my favorite necklace and cuff by Verve Jewelry, ring from Kendra Scott and boots by Michael Kors.

Check out and even if you decide the unlimited isn’t for you, you can get $20 off an order and I’ll get $20 as well just by using this link: